Very disappointed with the quality of the food. Ordered a chicken wrap have nothing bad to say about that but the cheese figures where would let just say buying a cheap bag from Iceland would taste nicer. My friend had the burger and will it was a big let down for the money. It came apart in his hands and the bun was wet due to the salad at the bottom and not at the top. Also the burgers were really oily and where worse then a kebab shops one. If we had to advice novo maybe size back your menu as we think you have too much going on. It better to have a small menu that perfect then one that too big.

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Little bit upset, my partner had the halloumi and mushroom burger and it wasn’t presented nicely. Two large bits of halloumi cut far too thick and a single small mushroom. The bun fell apart in his hands. Paid £5.35 for a biscoff cheesecake which was a tiny slice that barely tasted of the biscuits. Really disappointed overall as I had heard such good things

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First time ordering from NOVO and we were not disappointed ! I had the £15 meal deal, with vegan fallafal wrap , 2 sides a drink and pudding. My partner had 1/2 chicken meal deal with wings , side , pudding and drink. We were told about an hour and 45 for delivery which was fine but we had it after just an hour ! Super tasty food ! We usually find it so difficult to both find something we like on menus will be ordering again ! :)

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First time we ordered from Novo was last Friday 2 July, we had a boneless chicken platter with sweet potatoe wedges and Mes veg. It was amazing!!! We loved our meal and will be ordering again without doubt!! Great place and great food!!

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